Arbour Glen Day Nursery

Our Menus

At Arbour Glen, we know that sound nutritional practices and healthy eating are essential for optimal growth and development of children and is linked to their brain development and self-esteem. Helping children make good food choices during childhood influences lifelong eating habits. Our menus reflect healthy food and drink choices for children to meet the requirements as set out in the 2019 “Canada’s Food Guide”. Tasty meals and snacks are prepared on-site, limiting added sugar and salt when possible.

Food & Nutrition

We take pride in our menus, serving fish, chicken or lean beef dishes three times a week and vegetarian meals twice a week (no nuts, no fruit juices and no processed meats). We include mostly fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and try to limit canned items when practical. We serve only fresh milk daily (whole or 2%, never diluted or powdered) and most of our dips and spreads are homemade. See our menus below or look for them posted on the main hallway bulletin board inside the back entrance.

Spring/Summer Menu

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