Welcome Preschoolers! Your child will enjoy even more exciting experiences when they move up to one of our Preschool groups. It is here that children sing, dance, create, run, jump, explore, discover, and engage in imaginative and cooperative play.

Our Educators co-plan an environment with their children that invites opportunities for strengthening friendships and discovering more of the world around them. The children will be challenged to their fullest learning potential and to develop skills that set a solid foundation for their future successes.

Our exceptional outdoor program includes a play yard with a sand area shaded by a large maple tree. In the summer, we have a special outdoor program to take advantage of the beautiful weather with lots of fun games, activities and exploration. We pull out our pools for splashing and dig for treasures in our sand area that is shaded by a large sugar maple. Our unique and challenging climber and the large paved bike path also offers many hours of fun large-motor play.

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Arbour Glen has strong ties in the community and one of the things we participate in is an intergenerational program with Kensington Village Retirement Home. It’s been our tradition since the early 1990’s to visit with the senior residents on a regular basis. Sometimes its hard to tell who’s having more fun, them or us!

As in all rooms, our Preschool Educators spend time observing and recording your child’s learning through play. We use ‘Seesaw’, a digital online portfolio app, to share with you a glimpse into their time spent with us! You will receive occasional snapshots of something special they are doing and an online portfolio of your child’s time at Arbour Glen will be compiled. Participation in ‘Seesaw’ is optional, so we will create paper portfolios for those who choose not to partake. Learning stories and photos are posted throughout the hallways and classrooms. Don’t forget to check them out along with our ‘End-of-day’ posters to keep you ‘in the loop’!

When it’s time for your child to leave for ‘big school’, they will take lasting friendships and wonderful memories of their time at Arbour Glen. But remember to come back and visit! Warm hugs will always be waiting for them.

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Meet our

Preschool Room Educators

At Arbour Glen, we have 2 Preschool groups each with up to 16 children between 30 months and 4 years of age. There are 2 Registered Early Childhood Educators in each group. Our Preschool Educators are a warm and loving team of caregivers who provide an inspiring, pleasurable atmosphere for children to enjoy learning through play.

Barb, RECE

Barb has been an ECE since 1996 and with Arbour Glen since 2001.

"After coming back from vacation, we brought back some pixie dust ‘from Tinkerbell’, which was only to be used on birthdays for a special, magical wish. When we use it, the look of awe and excitement on their faces is something I’ll never forget!”

Priti, RECE

Priti has been an ECE since 2010 and with Arbour Glen since 2015.

"“Being able to work with children and watch them grow is the most amazing thing in the world to me. When I watch their little minds and imaginations at work it makes me realize that there is so much in life to appreciate and enjoy.””


Kim has been an ECE since 1990 and with Arbour Glen since 2009.

"I have a favourite moment that I hope repeats itself with every child I encounter: it’s that first time a child just needs some reassurance, and they crawl into my lap and I can give them that. The trust they have to accept that from me without question, is truly special.”


Shauna has been a Registered Early Childhood Educator since 2016 and has been with Arbour Glen since 2019.

""I love seeing the smiling faces of the children in the morning! Their excitement and enthusiasm, but especially their hugs; that's one of the things I love most about working with children! ”

What our families say

“Love this place, all the ECEs have a real passion and dedication that doesn't stop. Currently we have a preschooler and an infant enrolled”

- Vince V.

“Our preschooler has been at Arbour Glen since she was an infant and she has thrived here. The staff are compassionate, empathetic and extremely knowledgeable. The Preschool room has been especially amazing to further expand her skills. Shes become so confident and independent. They get to know each individual child as their own little person. I cant recommend them enough.”

- Sarah M.