We're so thrilled that you are considering Arbour Glen! Whether you've just found out you are expecting (congratulations!), or are looking for care for your 4 year old, we are here to help make your experience as comfortable as possible you.

So...where do you start when looking for childcare? A great place to begin is the City of London and Middlesex Region's One List. Here, you can learn about childcare centres in your area and also get on multiple wait lists quickly and easily, including with us.

At Arbour Glen however, we also like to have a personal connection with our prospective families, so please give us a call next at 519.439.3701 to confirm we received your request, and so we can answer any questions you may have about our centre.   

Speaking of questions, let's see if we can answer some for you now!

How do I know if you'll have a spot available for my child?
Generally, within 4-6 months before you are looking for care for your little one, we will have an idea of availability. When we believe there is a good chance we'll have a spot, we'll give you a call and have you in for a tour (if you haven't been in already).

How will I know where I am on the waiting list?
Give us a call at any time, and we'd be happy to let you know where you are on our waiting list. Keep in mind however, that if there are many families ahead of you, it's not necessarily a reason to worry: often people put their names on a great many lists just to get the process started, people decide not to go back to work, etc., so being lower on the list isn't always a reason to be concerned that you won't ultimately end up with a spot.

Can I come in for a tour?
We would love to have you in for a tour! Seeing Arbour Glen, and as importantly, how you feel as you walk through Arbour Glen, are critical to knowing whether we are the right centre for your child. Typically, we have families in for tours once their name comes closer to the top of the waiting list. Please note that the number of tours we do a week along with the time of day the tours occur is limited, as our priority is maintaining the high quality of care in our classrooms. Just give us a call, and we'll either book something for you, or let you know when is best to call us back.

Does Arbour Glen accept children on Child Care Fee Subsidies?
Yes Arbour Glen, accepts all children on Child care Fee subsidies as does all centres in London Midddlesex.

Do you have part-time spots available?
Yes, we offer both full-time and part-time spots in all age groups, depending on availability. It's best to speak to us directly, so please call us anytime. 

What time can I drop off and pick up my child?
Arbour Glen is open from 7:30 to 5:30 Monday through Friday. We will discuss your particular needs with you when you come in for your tour, and generally we are able to accommodate.

If I have one child at Arbour Glen, are any future siblings given priority?
As an existing family, you will be given priority on our waiting list. Keep in mind as well, that to be considered an existing family, you must have your other child at Arbour Glen at least part-time.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to be in touch at any time, and we'll be pleased to help.