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The heart of Arbour Glen is our exceptional team of educators and support staff. A fun environment rich in learning materials, an awesome playground and a home-like care setting are essential as well, but our Registered Early Childhood Educators are who bring those elements to life and make Arbour Glen the special place it is. We call it the Arbour Glen difference, and we look forward to you coming in to experience it for yourself!

Your child’s caregivers are knowledgeable, caring, reflective and resourceful professionals who create rich experiences and fun, exciting environments that foster your child’s learning and development. All are Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) who hold a current First Aid/CPR certificate, a Food Handlers certificate, and are life-long learners who maintain ongoing professional development. They understand the potential of children and how they learn effectively, including supporting language and thinking skills, health and well-being, self-regulation, identity, social inclusion and physical skills; all essential to set a solid foundation for early literacy, numeracy and overall development.

Hugs are always plentiful and your child will feel secure knowing that their caregivers are there to celebrate their accomplishments, help them through challenges and comfort them when needed.

To describe our team, let’s start at the top – of our building, that is! Our Leadership Team can be found in the administrative offices located on our third floor, however they also love to be in program, so you'll see them often in the classrooms as well. Key support staff also includes our Dietary Planner and our Custodian. Learn more about our Educators in each of our Infant, Toddler and Preschool age groups by visiting those pages.

Jamie RECE - Executive Director

With Arbour Glen since 1999, an ECE since 1979

"I love caring for our team of RECEs. To me, this in turn is so important to their caring relationships with the children. Nothing warms my heart more than to see a joyful child fully absorbed in what they are doing."

Miss Moss RECE- Program Supervisor

With Arbour Glen since 1990, an ECE since then

"Sharing literature with children has always been my favourite thing to do! Whether through puppet shows, picture books or story telling, I love watching the expressions of wonder on their faces."

Birchie - HR & Admin Supervisor

With Arbour Glen since 1986, an ECE since then

"All four of my children went here too: Arbour Glen is very much a second family to me. I love the variety in my day, but especially working with the children – who can have a bad day when they walk into a classroom and get swarmed with hugs!"


Elaine aka Lainey - Dietary Planner

With Arbour Glen since 1997, Professional Food Services since 1993

"I love when a child is beaming with pride to share something they accomplished that day, or asks me for a hug before they leave for the day. And of course, “I loved your lunch!” is always great to hear."

Esperanza: Our Custodian:

With Arbour Glen since 2008

"Our family has been involved with Arbour Glen since the 1980's, when my mother was the custodian here. It was a pleasure to continue here after her retirement. We dust and clean to  make Arbour Glen sparkle, just as she did back then".