At Arbour Glen, our Vision guides our centre, our Mission Statement directs what we do, and our Principles define our beliefs.

Our Vision

To nurture a community through innovative childcare.

Mission Statement

We are a community that respects the diversity of our children and their families. We enrich each child’s development through our long tradition of progressive programming and care.


We believe:
•  that optimal learning occurs when each child participates actively

•  in building each child’s self-esteem as a basis for their individual    development
•  in a holistic approach to each child’s learning and development involving physical, social, emotional and psychological dimensions
•  that diversity represents the richness and uniqueness of human life and is something that is to be valued, shared and celebrated with and within all our children
•  that for staff, ongoing education and professional development leads to the best practices in ensuring the delivery of quality childcare
•  in innovation and creativity in our programs, facilities and equipment as a basis for providing a stimulating environment for our children
•  in an organizational culture that is open to all, encourages and facilitates staff and parental involvement, is committed to serving the needs of each child and consistently achieves outcomes beyond the minimums required.